Flagg Fluorspar has been the recipient of a number of gifts over the years: one totally unexpected one occured in Loughborough when the layout was on display at the Great Central's Model Railway Exhibition. I was approached by Gary Milner, who said "I've been given this for doing a job for somebody - any use to you?" I was delighted to take it off his hands and it was immediately pressed into service.
I have no idea (at the moment) as to who built it. There's a more-or-less standard single axle drive battery electric chassis under it - the motor sticks up inside the "crate" part of the load. Power is from 2 AA batteries in a battery box under the floor. The buffers have no hooks for hanging stock on the back of it, but it won't be doing that, anyway as it's only 1 axle drive and I have absolutely NO intention of mucking about with it. It's to be lettered for the Stores Department and will solve a major problem: one of the late Terry Pratchett's witches had a name so long that I despaired of finding a loco long enough for the name plates, but this one will do nicely, so will be named "ANNAGRAMMA".

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