Loco 27 (which will be named "PONDER STIBBONS" when I get around to ordering the plates) is an IP Engineering "Edward" loco which had sat for far too long at the bottom of my "kits to be built" box

In order to make the job easier, the "brass" bits got sprayed up with my can of brass coloured spray paint.......

..... whilst the livery for the body is a homage to a certain Really Useful Engine. (The radiator was just placed in position for this shot)

I've also gone about assembling the underfame and wheels in a different way. It's a lot easier to do the Delryn chain BEFORE you glue the whole kit & caboodle solidly to the underside of the body: you can also ease any tight bearings by gently attacking the ends of the axles with a Dremel.

The electrics are the simplest I've ever done on a loco: solder the wires from the switched battery box onto the motor terminals (having made sure the motor is rotating in the right direction). It just means I have to lift the rear bonnet lid to get at the switch, and make sure that it's put back properly "on the fly" - not the easiest thing in the world.

Page Updated on 15th May, 2017

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