Loco 29 "HEX"

This loco is the latest in IP Engineering's Ezee range. It's called Albert - the cabless version is Victoria.

There are a number of improvements in the kit design, and I've devised an alternative way of construction. Firstly, make up the solebar / axlebox assemblies, using glue only on the very ends of the springs, to keep it well away from the bearings.

Next, make up the radiator and bonnet top.................

................and add the couplings to the front buffer beam and cab backplate.

THIS is the REAL innovation for IP Engineering: tabs and slots to put them in!

If you use the bonnet top and radiator to "set" the bonnet, the cab front is easy to get right, and using the (unglued) solebars as spacers, it's possible to complete the main body construction.
Adding the axles and wheels, motor (and in my case, 2 axle drive) and battery box completes the build - just make sure the wheels are going in the right direction BEFORE you solder the wires from the battery box into place!

The handrails slot nicely into the cab sides.................

The paint job could best be described s "Shabby Industrial Chic".................

A couple of 3D printed details from SLR Models enhances the model - I DO like the exhaust-with-a-flap-on!

Page Created on 15th May, 2017

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