Loco 31 "CARROT"

This loco is an HGLW "Gordon" which I was originally going to call "MORON" because it's a Gordon (and if you don't get the reference click HERE), but I decided that as it's a biggish loco, it would get the dwarf name of Carrot (my Terry Pratchett friends will understand THAT!).
The kits can be found HERE under "HGLW Kits" (not surprisingly)

I originally bought the body to put on a Big Big Ruston chassis (cooz that's what it was originally intended for) but I decided to buy one of David's chassis kits, and the whole went to the Large Scale Model Railway Show at the Fosse in 2018 to be built - here's the body assembled, with 3D printed "extras" (horn, exhaust and air filter) from SLR Models

The MDLR fitters DO have a problem with square axlebox covers that can be installed any way up...............................

................ but at least by the end of the Show there was considerable progress made. The buffer beams and couplings were assembled and painted red BEFORE being fitted to the frames.

Page Created on 6th June, 2018

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