In late 2006, the Preservation Society started work to re-create a mineral train of the type the MDLR used to operate.

Two wagons were built in autumn 2006, the other two were built between Christmas and New Year.


Notice the coloured markings on the left-hand end of each wagon - these were an MDLR feature to allow shunting to be done by illiterate shunters. Each mine had its own distintive design and this enabled the shunters to sort each mine's wagons out when the empties arrived back at Monyash Exchange Sidings and the clerks to charge each mine for transport. The Society has gone to great pains to obtain authentic loads for these wagons.

...... but the completed train certainly looks the part.

...... particularly when the second two wagons were added. GYTHA approaches Haddon station.

In actual fact, to get the loads I went to Derbyshire Aggregates (Web Site HERE - location map HERE) where my distinctly odd request was easily and courteously dealt with. As you can see, they have a lot of samples to pick from...................

...... and once we'd got a "full size" sample a sieve produced stuff 1/20th the size.........

............... which is perfect for a wagon load!


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