In late 2006, the Preservation Society started work to re-create a mineral train of the type the MDLR used to operate.

Two wagons were built in the autumn of 2006, and the second two were completed between Chistmas and New Year 2007.

Notice the coloured markings on the left-hand end of each wagon - these were an MDLR feature to allow shunting to be done by illiterate shunters. Each mine had its own distintive design and this enabled the shunters to sort each mine's wagons out when the empties arrived back at Monyash Exchange Sidings and the clerks to charge each mine for transport. The Society has gone to great pains to obtain authentic loads for these wagons.

The Railway has 6 open and flat wagons for ordinary traffic (all different, of course!)

This one was built from scratch, using

one of the other two as a pattern.

This one started life looking the same, with detachable sides, but lost its sides fairly early on in life.

In early 2004, I finally got around to building this flat wagon, which I'd bought at an AGM some years ago. The working sprung axleboxes were OK, the working brakes were NOT!

This wagon is one of the ones that got me started in 16mm: it's scratch-bult, using Coopercraft wheels and axleboxes, and it was the first (and one of the very few) things I've built from scratch. I found it so pleasant, I stayed!

This high-sided end door coal wagon is from a Coopercraft kit, and was also one of my "test pieces" before I committed totally to the scale and sold all my 009 stuff.

Some years ago now, there was a fairly heated exchange of letters in SMT (the magazine of the Association of 16mm Scale Modellers) following an article where somebody had inoocently said how many tobacco tins they used in their workshop. This was my reply for the following year's AGM, built with Binnie underpinnings and made to resemble a modern underground coal tub......

.......... but has a use in carrying and storing all the MDLR's spare 3 link couplings and tail lamps.......

.......... and retains its lid for transport!

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