Loco & Chassis Kits

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Full Cab Hudson Loco
(32mm only) £35-00

Open Cab Hudson Loco
(32mm only) £35-00

(can be built for 32mm or 45mm) £40-00

Small Steam Loco
(32mm only) £38-00

Small Tender for the above
(32mm only) £8-50

Greenbat Loco
(32mm only) £35-00

Small Petrol Loco
(32mm or 45mm gauge) £32-00

Hudson Chassis Kit
(32mm or 45mm) £20-00

50mm Chassis Kit
(32mm or 45mm) £16-00

Motorised Skip Chassis
(32mm only) £15-00

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  Updated on 4th February 2019