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Welcome to the Web Site for Flagg Fluorspar, a micro layout in 16mm scale, designed to be carried in the rear of a small family hatchback.
It is specifically designed for exhibitions, to show that you don't need a garden he size of [insert your county / metropolitain borough name of choice here] or a 4-figure budget for a steam loco to work in 16mm scale.

These pages show the construction and development of the layout and its rolling stock.

Early Stages - track and layout design.

Baseboard Construction - building "the box" and The Big Building

Rolling Stock

The First Show - - Exeter 2012

The Loco Repair Shop - the Small Building

The Layout Complete (well, nearly......)

FF at Exeter 2013

FF on the road!

Rolling Stock for Flagg Flourspar


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Updated on 27th February 2016